MakeAFP Formatter

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Ease of use, easy to learn and transfer skills, short development and implementation cycles for the dynamic complex mission-critical presentation applications.

With MakeAFP Formatter, you can generate the most efficient AFP data stream in the smallest AFP data stream size, you can enjoy an extremely fast formatting performance with decompressing/decrypting input on the fly, tremendously boosting your data security, processing workflow, formatting speed, and disk access performances.

Full color supported with the AFP GOCA vector graphics as well as the open object image formats of EPS, GIF, JPEG, PDF, and TIFF, protecting your investment and application developments not only for legacy AFP but also advanced colorful AFP. With MakeAFP support on colorful AFP GOCA vector graphics, you can enjoy a high-quality presentation on both printing and screen displaying, with a very small AFP graphical data stream.

Using legacy AFP bitmap fonts, AFP outline fonts, and new OpenType/TrueType fonts concurrently without any programming changes, gives you great flexibility to create and submit relevant jobs to the legacy and new IPDS printers, significantly lowering the overall of your operation cost and Total Cost of Ownership.

Supports multiple data inputs, eliminates any type of programming or development on pre-processing or pre-merging of multiple inputs.

Supports multiple AFP output files, maximizing your printing and mailing production environment.

Supports all the popular 1D and 2D barcodes by both AFP BCOCA and AFP drawing, barcodes by AFP drawing are compatible with the different IPDS printers and can be easily converted and presented for both printing and e-output with full fidelity and high print/display quality.

MakeAFP Formatter allows you to add indexing tags to AFP documents easily. These tags can be used by the AFP Viewer to navigate through the AFP document and skip to specific pages or groups of pages quickly, and the tags can also be used by the document content management systems for AFP archiving and retrieving. AFP indexes can be easily encoded in ASCII, EBCDIC, DBCS-PC, DBCS-HOST, UTF-8, and UTF-16, giving you great flexibility with AFP archiving/retrieving.

Able to adapt to complex formatting/processing conditions, increasing responsiveness and flexibility to your mission-critical business needs by maximizing AFP formatting speed with the best AFP data stream efficiency.

Integrates with diverse AFP systems easily, can be called and integrated with other open programming languages, such a powerful and optimized open programming environment gives you the great capability to generate from high degree personalization letter to very sophisticated statements/documents quickly.

Supports monochrome, highlight color and MICR printing on the legacy IPDS printers as well as full-color AFP data stream printing on the new generation of full-color IPDS printers or 256-level grayscale color emulation supported IPDS printers, significantly lowering the overall of your operation cost and Total Cost of Ownership.

Audit, error, statistics, and tag files can be output and integrated with your programming at ease.