PDF2AFP Transform

PDF2AFP provides consistent, excellent quality, efficient transformation for the transactional high volume PDF documents to AFP, in extremely fastest speed with optimized smallest AFP data stream, it empowers you:

Accurately and efficiently transforms your PDF to AFP in the highest fidelity, fastest speed and smallest AFP output data stream.

Performs sophisticated object-to-object transformation from PDF to AFP.

Transform PDF texts to searchable optimized AFP texts.

Transform PDF forms to AFP overlay resources.

Transform PDF outline fonts to AFP Type 1 outline fonts, encoding by ASCII, EBCDIC.

Transform PDF outline fonts to AFP CID-keyed outline fonts, encoding by ASCII, EBCDIC, DBCS-PC( BIG5, GBK, HKSCS, KSC, SJIS), DBCS-HOST and Unicode UTF-16BE.

Transform PDF bitmap fonts to AFP bitmap fonts, encoding by ASCII, EBCDIC.

Transform PDF color vector graphics to AFP GOCA color vector graphics.

Transform PDF color images as the AFP color data-object images for the high-speed color printing on the latest AFP/IPDS color production printers.

Transform PDF color/grayscale images to AFP color IOCA images.

Transform PDF color/grayscale images to AFP monochrome IOCA images, provides 8 dither algorithm options to achieve the best printing quality on the high-speed AFP/IPDS monochrome production printers.

Provides command-line interfaces for both Windows and Linux platforms.

Provides APIs in C/C++, C#, and Java, to transform PDF from a file or memory buffer.

Integrates easily with your mission-critical high-speed production printing systems.

With advanced PDF2AFP, you can gain the following benefits to your AFP businesses:

Leverages the benefits and advantage of AFP, an industry-standard high-performance open presentation architecture for statements and documents, protects your significant investment on AFP, enables your business to grow and thrive consistently.

Standardizes print operations on the mission-critical, high reliable, scalable AFP/IPDS architecture and systems, increases throughput and flexibility in production print.

Extends the values of PDF document streams, bring increased flexibility and efficiency to the production printing operations, and maximize the latest technology developments and migrations without the need for the mission-critical transactional document reprogramming or redesign.

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