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Are you looking for an innovative AFP formatting solution, with which you can support both legacy and latest color AFP data stream, and achieve 10 times faster formatting speed and 50% smaller AFP data stream than your current solution? Well, if that's the case, you have come to the right place.

MakeAFP Formatter is an extremely stable, reliable, powerful, flexible, easiest-to-use, cost-effective document composition formatter for advanced AFP. It provides a colorful, robust, powerful, extensible and maximized AFP production formatting environment for presenting personalized documents from the simple direct marketing letters to highly complex transaction-rich statements applications.

MakeAFP Formatter is specially developed for the complex, dynamic AFP presentations with an extremely fast formatting speed to your mission-critical AFP core business applications. It provides an integrated AFP formatting and processing environment that is stable, highly scalable, and functionality-rich, making it ideal for the dynamic creation of AFP documents and instant delivery of your mission-critical presentations on demand.

MakeAFP Formatter is provided in a very powerful, yet simple-to-use Dynamic-Link Library, your simple C/C++/C#/Java programs can be linked with the library to generate AFP from your multiple data inputs directly. With the C/C++/C#/Java languages as its cores, you can take AFP applications further than GUI-centric formatting solutions in the shortestperiod of time.

MakeAFP Formatter frees you from the internals and intricacies of the AFP data stream, offering many useful functions for composing texts, vector graphics, images, barcodes, indexes and AFP resources in AFP, giving you absolute control over the powerful AFP functions.

MakeAFP Formatter creates all types of documents including:

Direct mail, one-to-one marketing letters.

Trans-Promo documents.

Corporate reports.

Customized insurance policies.

Dynamic billing statements.

Transactional documents.

With the combination of your native executable modules generated by MakeAFP Formatting functions and AutoMakeAFP automation utility which runs as a multithread Windows service, you can achieve a maximized AFP production environment that is fully integrated and automated with the AFP document creations and production processes.

Contrast MakeAFP Formatting solutions with the typical methods of creating AFP files, which generally involves multi-stages of ???work-flow??? processes that require the development of applications to preprocess the raw data into the special text data format required by the formatting software???s templates first. Then the text data is formatted into AFP by the formatting software.

Such multi-stages involves high cost with long training cycles and will be more painful and tedious in the transfer of skills, and you are also suffering and bounded by the limited logical processing and data manipulation capabilities provided by their GUI (Graphical User Interface) templates. Most GUI formatters use their own proprietary formats with images, overlays and fonts, which need to be converted into AFP resource objects during formatting.

In addition, it is time-consuming, computing resource-intensive and has a low formatting speed. But with MakeAFP Formatter, you can absolutely take advantage of the flexibility and power of the C/C++/C#/Java functions for high-speed data formatting, and you are fully capable of processing any type of raw data from the multiple inputs, with very short learning and skill transferring cycle.

If you are looking for an innovative solution to format your data into AFP in high-performance with smallest AFP data stream, Well, Just send us an email to get a full function evaluation copy here: